A real opportunity for exceptional paraplanners



Looking for future industry leaders - people who want to transform the way financial services works for the better


Over the next few months we will be recruiting the next generation of our consulting team at F&TRC. Our mission is to help the industry deliver better services to consumers which help them take more control of their finances and in so doing improve the quality of their lives.


This will be achieved through the delivery of a range of services which will help advisers reduce operating costs in their businesses and particularly work with organisations from start ups to global institutions who want to deliver digital advice and make low cost affordable advice accessible to everyone. 


We know the people who do the real work in adviser firms are para-planners but where does your career go next if you don't want to be an adviser? Our approach is to recruit exceptional para-planners with outstanding technical knowledge and ability and work with them to equip them with a wide range of new skills that will vastly increase their career options in the future, although we hope they will continue to apply their expanded ability as part of our long term team.


Three out of four of our team who joined during our last induction period are now well on their way to becoming future industry leaders. They have leverage the knowledge they gained as para-planners and through our intensive mentoring process they have grown their abilities so they are becoming increasingly recognised as subject matter experts in their respective fields.  As part of this process they are increasingly becoming regular contributors to industry trade media and speakers at industry events whilst at the same time playing key roles in the launch of a range of new services to help advisers and working with some of the world’s largest and most innovative financial organisations to design their digital advice propositions.


Our role is to:


Help Platforms, Life offices, Pension providers and Software suppliers deliver better services to advisers and consumers


Provide services to help advisers take better decisions about their businesses and make it easier to provide the right advice to help their clients.


We pay well and provide good benefits although the work is challenging and you need to be prepared to give 110% consistently. If an easy life or the bottom line number on a pay cheque is your main priority we are not going to be the best place for you. Conversely if you want to learn and work with an inspirational set of people F&TRC is a great place to be


If you are exceptional yourself please message me so I can review your LinkedIn profile to consider if you have the potential to join our future leaders scheme. Alternately, if know someone who you think has exceptional potential please email me at ian.mckenna@ftrc.co.uk with a link to their profile for me to look at.




F&TRC is an equal opportunities employer


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